Manks Concert – 24th February 2018 – Tickets £7

A Manks Concert will be held at 7.30pm in the Centenary Centre, Peel on Saturday 24th February, featuring Michael Players, RBV with their presentation of J J Kneen’s Manx dialect comedy, ‘A Lil Smook’. The play will form the second half of the concert, after a recitation by long-serving member of the Players, Win Callister.

The first half will present music, song and poetry by Marlene Hendy & Dilys Sowrey, Scran and Deborah Taubman.

Tickets at £7 are available in advance online from the Centenary Centre website (or go to, from Celtic Gold in Michael Street, Peel; Shakti Man in Parliament Street, Ramsey;  G H Corlett Jewellers in Castle Street, Douglas and Peter Norris Music in Buck’s Road, Douglas. Any tickets remaining will be available on the door.

Crig er jalloo dy yannoo ny smoo / Click on image to enlarge

Welcome to the Manx Branch of the Celtic Congress

Eaghtyrane: Brian Kerwin
Lhiass Eaghtyrane: Alick Kissack
Patroonyn: Clare Christian OBE; Noel Cringle OBE; Hazel Hannan
Screeudeyr Onn Shallidagh: Patricia Skillicorn
Tashteyder Onn: Robin Callister

The International Celtic Congress is held annually to perpetuate the culture, ideals, and languages of the Celtic peoples, and to maintain an intellectual contact and close cooperation between the respective Celtic communities.

The Celtic Congress was founded in 1902 in order to promote the knowlege, use, and appreciation of the languages and cultures of the six Celtic countries. National Branches of the Congress meet in an International Congress each year in order to help further these aims.

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