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Taishbynys – Stephen Miller RBV – Presentation

“Talking and telling stories about the fairies”: Manx Fairy Lore

More than 100 people were present to enjoy this joint presentation by the Manx Branch of the Celtic Congress and Culture Vannin by Stephen Miller RBV.

The presentation was recorded by Culture Vannin and can be seen by clicking here.

Stephen gave his own outline of his presentation […]

Traders of the Lost Arts

Gura mie mooar ec Nicola Tooms – grateful thanks indeed to Nicola Tooms for giving us an overview of how the Manx Museum embarked on its collection of artefacts associated with the skills which people developed in occupations which were vital to everyday life but which were recognised from quite early on in the 20th […]

Laksey trooid ny Bleeantyn – Laxey through the Years

Jack Kaighin took us on a wide-ranging tour of Laxey that started with an image of the harbour area and bridge with a fair going on and took us right up to the foot of Snaefell and the mines – the unfortunate scene of a great disaster in 1897. Jack has a great collection of […]

Eeastaght Phurt ny Hinshey – Peel Fishery

The presentation by Marion Keelan and Ian Coulson began with scenes of fishing boats under sail, the nickeys. The rig for the nickeys is said to have come from Cornwall, and it’s a well-known fact that all Cornish fishermen are called Nicholas, hence the name, so an appropriate start on Gool Peran, St Piran’s Day.

Starting in the days […]

Purt ny Hinshey veih mulleeyn ny thieyn – Peel from the rooftops

Was there anybody there? Well, the room was full for Stewart Bennett’s presentation about Peel as many of us have never seen it – from the rooftops. But it was the reminiscences, the yarns, the tales, the scandals associated with them that seemed to bring lots of knockings and tappings when some of the stories […]

Blaaghyn Feie – Wild Flowers

Blaaghyn Feie – Wild Flowers  – A slide show with John ‘Dog’ Callister 

John ‘Dog’ Callister’s presentation about Wild Flowers on 15th May 2021 was a great opportunity to learn some of what to look out when we go for a walk – especially with the orchid season not too far away, and an opportunity to visit Close Sartfield […]

Taishbynys – James Franklin – Presentation

Taishbynys James Franklin – A Presentation by James Franklin

Manx Dialect Plays

The Guild Room was packed for the presentation by James Franklin of Culture Vannin about Manx Dialect Plays. The audience was treated to a very interesting, entertaining and well-illustrated explanation and analysis of the inspiration and development of Manx dialect theatre.

Even before James Franklin came to […]

Professor Angela Little – Education for all . . . and for the few

Professor Angela Little is originally from Port le Moirrey, where her father was headmaster of Rushen Primary School. Education proved to be a central theme in Professor Little’s illustrious academic career, including the chair of Education and International Development at the University of London and being involved in international bodies advising on education matters throughout […]

Chaglym Cadjin Bleinoil 2020 Annual General Meeting




 1.  Failt liorish yn Eaghtyrane – Welcome by the President

 2.  Leshtalyn – Apologies

 3.  Fograghyn baaish – Obituary notices : Brenda Bridson (02/05/2020)


Ruth Keggin Gell – Yn Greinneyder noa

Moylley as soylley da Ruth Keggin Gell as ish yn Greinneyder noa da Culture Vannin – congratulations to Ruth Keggin Gell who’s become the new Manx Language Development Officer for Culture Vannin.

Ruth is well-known as a singer and musician with an international career which has included releasing two albums under her own name, two with […]

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