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Suffragettes in the Isle of Man

On Saturday 3rd February at 2.30pm in the Guild Room, alongside the Methodist Church in Atholl Street, Peel, Hazel Hannan gave a very interesting talk about the Suffragettes and their Manx connection. However, although propertied spinsters and widows were given the vote in 1881, there was no agitation leading up to it, other than the […]

Loayrtys liorish Keith Watterson – A talk by Keith Watterson

Old telephones and telephone directories were the subject of a lot of interest at the end of an engaging illustrated talk by Keith Watterson, A Story of the Telephone Kiosk.

Some of the early telephone boxes, or offices, were quite ornate, elaborate affairs. Keith outlined their development, including the iconic 1935 K6 telephone kiosk designed by […]

Baase Roy Kennaugh – Death of Roy Kennaugh

S’treih lhien dy mooar eh dy dooar nyn garrey mie, Roy Kennaugh, baase doaltattym 27oo Mee ny Nollick 2017.

Myr Screeuder Banglane Manninagh y Chohaglym Celtiagh, ren Roy gobbraghey lesh bree as lesh ard-jeeanid, ‘naght cheddin as ayns dy chooilley red va jeant echey. Ta erreeish s’diuney ain er e lught-thie as er ny ymmodee, ymmodee […]

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