The Mona Melodies is a collection of ten songs and three tunes – the first time that music from the Isle of Man ever appears in print.

To celebrate the bicentenary of the publication of The Mona Melodies, Yn Chruinnaght’s Celtic Gathering includes a presentation on its background by Robard y Carsalagh.

Cleveland Medallist Mandy Griffin and pianist Frank Woolley were recorded performing all the pieces from The Mona Melodies and they can be seen by clicking the links below.





01 Brown William :

02 Molly Charrane :

03 False Isabel :

04 The Storm is Up :

05 The Praise of Wine :

06 Berry Dowin :

07 My Hen Whoomey Vien :

08 O Sheign Doin :

09 Ne Kirree fo’n Sniaghtey :

10 Ma Graigh Nagh Nare Doin Farraghten :

11 Hunt the Wren :

12 Tapsagyn Jeargey :

13 Wandescope :